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Eagle Bay Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade
Phone 000 in case of a fire
The Eagle Bay Brigade has two Toyota Land-Cruiser Light Tankers (500 L) well equipped, and a trailer based pump/suction unit. These are regularly maintained by our members.

The Brigade is trained and ready to respond to fires in the area.
It’s primary role is to prevent and control Bush Fires but will respond immediately to House (structural ) fires and play a supporting role to the Fire and Rescue Service from Dunsborough who are trained and equipped to fight these fires.
There are over 20 Trained Volunteers in the Brigade and a call out roster is maintained throughout the year. Regular fortnightly Training Sessions of a Thursday afternoon keep our members up to speed.

The Fire-Shed is equipped to be used as a control centre for communications and logistics, catering etc as well as to garage and maintain our vehicles.
The Brigade is responsible for Fire prevention in the Northern section of the Meelup Regional Park and works closely with the Management Committee and Shire to this end.
Land Owners must be responsible in maintaining their property to standards set by the Shire. Busselton Fire Regulations. Colin Sanderson is the Eagle Bay Fire Control Officer (97567365) and is to be contacted to obtain Permits during the Restricted Burning Times.

If you want to learn more about prevention, Bush-Fire awareness and preparing a fire
survival plan go to:

Total Fire Ban
When a Total Fire Ban is declared it is illegal to do anything that is likely to start a fire.
That means you must not:
Cook outside using an open fire or barbeque.
Undertake ‘hot work’ such as metal work, grinding or the like unless you have an exemption.
During a Total Fire Ban you will still be able to: 
•  Use a gas cooker or barbecue with an enclosed flame or an electrical stove at home or in a designated area.
•  Use a chainsaw, plant or grass trimmer or lawn mower but it is best to postpone this work as it could still start a fire.

Controlled Burns in winter may help protect your home this summer!
The intensity (heat) and spread of a bushfire is determined by the amount of fuel (vegetation) available to burn. If you reduce the amount of fuel around your property, a bush fire will burn cooler and slower and will be less likely to impact your home.
There are a number of ways you can reduce fuel levels. These include:
•  Hand clearing (raking and removing leaf litter);
•  Mechanical (mowing, slashing or pruning vegetation);
•  Chemical (using herbicides to remove vegetation); and
•  Burning.

Contact Details
Colin Sanderson is the Eagle Bay Fire Control Officer (97567365) and is to be contacted to obtain Permits during the Restricted Burning Times.
Phone 000 in case of a fire.



Residents of Eagle Bay Association, PO Box 64, Dunsborough, Western Australia 6281